Leadership Team

Moms from within the group make up our Steering Team, volunteering their time and talents to help provide leadership and direction for our MOPS group.

2018-2019 Steering Team

Rebecca Dirscherl  and Casey Webb, MOPS/Moms Next Coordinators

Amy Majoris, Creative Activities

Emilie Woodworth, Discussion Group Leader/Registration Coordinator

Heidi Kliewer, Finance

Johanna Schaefer, Hospitality

Amanda Roose, Kiddie Konsignment

Amy Cain, Publicity

Gwen Hodges, Service Projects

Jessica Tanner, Special Activities Coordinator 

Midge Taylor, Mentor Mom Coordinator


Do you need to make an announcement at our meeting?
– Contact one of our Coordinators.

Have questions about our MOPS program?
– Contact our Coordinator.

Do you have creative ideas for our meeting(s)?
– Contact Creative Activities.

Need a meeting schedule, breakfast schedule or have special requests?
– Contact Hospitality.


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